3 Things to Know When Looking for a Drug or Alcohol Treatment Program

3 Things to Know When Looking for a Drug or Alcohol Treatment Program

Choosing a drug or alcohol treatment program can be a daunting and confusing process. There are so many different options, confusing financial and insurance implications, questions about travel and concerns about quality that many people give up or put off making a decision. Our staff members are available right now to personally answer all of your treatment questions and to connect you with the best possible program for you or your loved one.

Not all treatment programs are created equal. When deciding which program is right for you, please consider the following questions.

Does the Program Treat All Co-Occurring and Underlying Disorders?

Addiction is a complicated mental and physiological disease. Traditional recovery programs focus their energies on treating the physical aspects of the disease, managing the symptoms of withdrawal and preventing their patients from having access to drugs or alcohol. The symptoms of withdrawal tend to run their course in anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, and then patients are sent home. In some cases, rehab programs function and feel more like prison stays, with uncomfortable rooms, bad food, drab décor and lots of medication. These traditional programs have always had a miserably low success rate, but some are in existence to this day.

The most effective programs use Dual Diagnosis treatment to identify and address all underlying issues in a fully integrated and holistic way.

Does the Program Use the Most Innovative and Effective Treatment Tools and Techniques?

Most of the more successful contemporary treatment programs offer a number of innovative, results-based techniques that treat their patients with individuality and respect. These programs work hard to identify all underlying or co-occurring psychological conditions that feed addiction and cause relapse. They then work to undo the effects of these underlying conditions so that their clients can achieve lasting freedom. The following techniques are often included in the most effective and innovative treatment programs:

  • Adventure therapy
  • Personal counseling and life coaching
  • Nutritional support
  • Art therapy
  • Meditation, prayer, acupuncture, yoga and other “new age” spiritual support
  • Vibrant group activities and conversation sessions
  • Opportunities to serve others in meaningful ways
  • Comfortable and restful environments
  • Empowering education

Do not settle for just any treatment program when these kinds of progressive and effective options exist.

Does the Program Offer Proven Post-Treatment Aftercare?

Recovery starts with effective treatment, but continues long after the client goes home. The best rehab programs offer comprehensive and proven aftercare support that may include ongoing counseling, social activities, classes or mentorships. The psychological power of addiction can take months or even years to overcome. Many recovering addicts benefit from aftercare services and the relationships that they foster for the rest of their lives. Ask about the aftercare programs of any treatment center you are considering.

24 Hour Treatment Helpline

Our staff members are available 24 hours a day with confidential answers to all of your recovery questions and instant access to the best treatment program for your specific needs. Bring your questions to us and let us help you find the best possible option for you or your loved one.