4 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Prescription

4 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Prescription

Prescription drugs are complex substances with a high potential for abuse. They can also cause damaging physical and psychological effects, especially when people do not understand the importance of following instructions exactly. You should follow your prescription guidelines to the letter for the four following reasons:

  • Deviating from a prescription can be damaging – Prescription drugs often require users to follow strict schedules for dosage and consumption, because taking too much too often can be toxic. For instance, acetaminophen is a common substance in many prescription painkillers, but in high doses it can damage the liver and eventually lead to organ failure. Furthermore, disobeying a prescription can lead to other physical and psychological disorders, so the risks of drug abuse are great.
  • Prescription drug abuse can cause overdose – If taken more than prescribed, most prescription drugs can cause overdose, which can lead to coma, brain damage and even death. Overdose deaths due to prescription painkillers are particularly common, and national rates of them are on the rise.
  • Prescription drugs can weaken the efficacy of other substances – Almost all prescription drugs interact negatively with other substances. These interactions are usually labeled and defined as part of the prescription, yet many people do not follow them. For instance, prescription drugs commonly interact dangerously with alcohol, which, unfortunately, many people drink alongside other drugs. Mixing prescription drugs with alcohol is a common cause of accidental death, but other interactions can even cause psychological problems that lead to suicide or unprovoked violence with others.
  • The risk of dependence and addiction is high – The substances within many prescription drugs are highly addictive, so they have a high potential for abuse. People who disobey their prescriptions may become dependent on the substance that can lead them into addiction. Once addiction sets in, the physical, psychological and societal problems continue to increase. No matter how serious your addiction is, do not try to address it on your own, as getting clean is a difficult process that requires professional treatment.

If a prescription medication causes abnormal side effects or leads to misuse, then it is essential to contact medical professionals to change or tweak the prescription. Disobeying a prescription significantly increases the risk of damaging your physical or mental health. Also, taking someone else’s prescription can cause self-harm while it endangers the person to whom the prescription belongs.

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