Bath Salts Overdose

Bath Salts Overdose

Commonly seen at convenient stores, mini-marts and gas stations across the country, bath salts are the popular new drug being abused by many. Marketed as a cleansing product, bath salts are labeled “not for human consumption,” but this is exactly what they are being used for. The main component of bath salts is a drug called mephedrone which acts as a stimulant and produces a high similar to cocaine. Recreational drug users find the rush and euphoria: the high is so powerful that a psychological addiction is easy to develop. Many users obsess over recreating this high.

Can You Overdose on Bath Salts?

The health consequences of using bath salts are extremely detrimental. A person can easily overdose on the drug and the results could be deadly. Bath salts overdose causes intense psychosis and toxicity. Aside from traditional overdose symptoms like heart complications, respiratory trouble and blood pressure problems, a bath salt overdose is characterized by the following issues:

  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations, delusions
  • Extreme agitation
  • Superhuman strength and combativeness
  • Self-injury behavior and suicide attempts

Bath salts overdose is common because the chemicals are not meant for “human consumption.” Because of this the manufacturer cannot be held liable for the many overdoses, emergency hospitalizations and suicides that result from abuse. There is no safe amount of bath salts to take and there is no way of telling what poisons and chemicals they contain. The physical and psychotic symptoms of a bath salts overdose are incredibly catastrophic and can result in death.

What to Do after a Bath Salt Overdose

Bath salts use creates intense psychological cravings that cause many people to crave the drug even after a horrific overdose. It is incredibly difficult to quit using the drug, which is why getting professional help is the only way to prevent danger. The other reason it is imperative to seek professional help after a bath salts overdose is that the recovery from this drug differs from others. Individuals who receive overdose treatment for other stimulants typically take sedatives. However, those who overdose on bath salts do not respond to these sedatives or antipsychotic medications. Once the drug wears off, patients fall back into a psychotic state and return to abnormal and dangerous behaviors. Treating a bath salt overdose is complex and requires the knowledge and care of a medical professional.

Treatment after a Bath Salts Overdose

If you or a loved one has recently overdosed on bath salts, seek treatment now. We are here 24 hours a day to help you find the exact treatment services that focus on your individual needs. You have options when it comes to drug abuse and addiction recovery. By calling our toll-free helpline you will speak with a recovery professional that can answer questions, provide information and work to find the right option for your recovery. You do not have to be alone in your recovery. Call today to speak with someone who cares.