Breakthrough Pain and Overdose

Breakthrough Pain and Overdose

Breakthrough pain comes on suddenly and is unmanageable through normal methods of treatment. This kind of pain has a few different causes, all leading to a person having problems feeling relief.

Types of Breakthrough Pain

Breakthrough pain develops through any of the following ways:

  • Incident pain. This is pain caused by a specific activity.
  • Spontaneous pain. This includes muscle aches or shooting pains. This kind of pain can be quickly treated through fast-acting pain medication.
  • End-of-dose failure. Patients taking a pain medication that is supposed to last several hours might feel pain towards the end of that time period.

These types of pain can contribute to increased drug use or abuse.

Breakthrough Pain and Overdose Risk

People who experience breakthrough pain may treat their symptoms through the following methods:

  • They may self-medicate their pain. This is acceptable for activities that cause pain and merit prescription medications, but many patients use drugs in activities that do not necessitate drug use. This continual drug abuse can lead to addiction, which can eventually cause a user to take more than enough and suffer from overdose.
  • Patients who experience spontaneous breakthrough pain may become so desperate that they take more medication than they need to see faster results. Taking too much of a pain reliever can devastate the body’s functions, exposing users to the risk of overdose.
  • When a patient experiences end-of-dose failure, he may take other medications to fight pain. Combining drugs without a doctor’s approval can be highly risky, as dangerous interactions are always possible. With this possibly becoming a habit, a user can quickly experience overdose symptoms.

All forms of breakthrough pain can be extremely uncomfortable. When pain is so extreme, patients may be willing to do anything to eliminate these feelings. They may abuse drugs, mix them and take way too much than is necessary. As a patient’s pain level dictates the amount of use, a user can quickly overdose in an attempt to treat pain.

Help with Breakthrough Pain

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