Bullying and Overdose

Bullying and Overdose

Bullying occurs when individuals are picked on, teased or made fun of. These experiences often happen during an adolescent’s school years, when bullying is prevalent. Being bullied at this young of an age can deeply impact a person’s mental state to a point where he or she begins abusing drugs or alcohol. Those who are bullied are at an increased risk of overdose. Unfortunately, most adolescents at this age are unable to look past what is happening to them at school, online or in their neighborhoods because the environment they are living in is all they know.

How Does Overdose Happen?

Depending on the severity of the bullying, most adolescents begin looking for outside sources to help them cope with the abuse they are enduring. Therefore, they may begin abusing drugs or alcohol. As emotions usually run high for adolescents under this type of pressure, the possibility for an overdose is very real. Some of the many reasons why overdoses occur in adolescents who are victims of bullying include the following:

  • Lack of education  – At this young of an age, most adolescents aren’t aware of the many dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse. To make matters worse, substances are being made available now more than ever before, increasing an adolescent’s likelihood of using. Not knowing the effects of a substance or how it works puts an adolescent at risk for an accidental overdose.
  • Addiction development – Addiction is not an easy thing for individuals to cope with, no matter how old they might be. Using drugs or alcohol to cope with bullying can often lead to the development of an addiction problem, and living with a problem like this as an adolescent can lead to a series of dangers, including the potential for overdose.
  • Suicide attempts – Many victims of bullying begin feeling as though they are worthless and they have nothing to live for. Going to school can become a daily struggle, and fearing abuse or developing a reputation akin to what bullies are saying can easily make young adults feel that they don’t deserve to live. This can lead to suicide attempts that include drugs and/or alcohol.

Overdose is a very real possibility for adolescents who are being bullied.

Preventing Overdose

Growing up is never easy for any adolescent, especially those who are being bullied. To help prevent overdose from occurring as a result of bullying, it is important that parents teach their children about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Parents should also make sure that their children know that they can talk to them about anything and that the line of communication is always open. Teaching children how to cope in healthy ways can also prevent them from suffering a fatal overdose caused by the underlying effects of bullying.

If you are suffering from bullying and using drugs or alcohol to cope, you are at risk of overdose. No matter how old you are, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get the support you need to prevent addiction and overdose. Do not wait one more day. Call us today.