Dangers of Prescription Drug Addiction

Addiction to any prescription medication can begin for a number of reasons. Many people find themselves addicted to their pain medication after surgery or other traumatic event. For others, an addiction can begin when prescription drugs are chosen for recreational use. Brand name drugs are often prescribed medicinally only to be distributed for street use. In some areas, the number of prescription drugs available for recreational use rivals illegal products.

Addiction Stemming from Legitimate Prescriptions

Perhaps the most difficult form of addiction is one that stems from a legitimate need for a drug. With many prescription drugs, especially those with an opiate derivate, an extreme risk of dependency is present if use is continued for long periods of time. The time period in which a drug can be used with minimal risk of dependency varies from drug to drug but is usually around two weeks.

Dependence occurs when the brain begins to counteract the drug’s effect on the body. Over time, a person using prescription pain relievers will need more frequent and higher dosages of the medication to produce the same effect. An addiction that forms in this way can be especially hard to diagnose and treat because withdrawal symptoms can mimic the legitimate symptoms for which the drug was originally prescribed. Patients must also face the emotional battle of recovering from an addiction that they never knew they were at risk for.

Addictions Stemming from Recreational Use

Many prescription drugs like Xanax or Valium are heavily prescribed for a number of different ailments. It is not uncommon for these drugs to end up in the hands of recreational drug users. Some users resort to theft or visiting multiple doctors to receive multiple prescriptions.

Need Help Finding Recovery Solutions for a Prescription Drug Addiction?

If you realize that you have become addicted to a prescription medication, we can help. Whether your addiction is the result of prescription or recreational drug use, it is crucial that you be treated under the supervision of caring, professional medical professionals. We are available 24 hours a day to help you find the recovery resources you need. Please call our toll-free number today.