Dental Pain and Narcotic Abuse

Just like any other invasive surgery, dental surgery and the pain that can come with it can produce a strong urge to begin self-medication as a means of pain management. Dentists have been seeing a rise in patients who are developing a narcotic addiction as a result of their dental pain and are working together to find other means of treatment to decrease this probability. However, people are continuing to struggle with drug addiction as a result of their dental pain.

How Dental Patients Become Addicted to Narcotics

For many people who have dental surgery, the first time they encounter narcotics is during their procedure. For example, young adults who are having their wisdom teeth removed may be prescribed narcotics the night prior to surgery and also receive narcotics during their procedure. Afterwards, they are given pain medication to go home and take to manage the dental pain they face. Those who are exposed to narcotics at this time may find that they enjoy the feeling the drug produces and may be unable to recognize how dangerous the drug can be because of their young age.

Many people dislike the dentist because their mouths are highly sensitive. After surgery, those who have sensitivity in their mouths may find the recovery to be unbearable and begin to self-medicate with the drugs that have been prescribed by their dentist. They may begin taking more than directed or combine the prescribed drugs with other medications to help them work through the pain.

While there are ways to treat dental problems without the use of narcotics, narcotics are generally the first option of the dentist. For someone who is already struggling with an addiction or is prone to addiction, gaining access to narcotics from a dentist can put them over the edge for increased use.

Dental pain can greatly encourage a narcotic addiction because the pain can be so severe that it seems to be the only option for someone looking for relief. As narcotic abuse can be common in the dental industry, advances are in the works to allow for safer means of pain management for dental patients.

Do You Need Help for an Addiction Caused by a Dental Surgery?

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