Do I Have to Get Addiction Treatment If I Overdose?

Overdosing can serve as a major wake-up call to someone who has been abusing drugs or alcohol. Ingesting more of a drug than is recommended can pose serious risks, depending on the substance. Many overdoses result in death, as the body goes into a shock mode where organs begin to shut down and blood becomes poisonous. Getting medical attention immediately after an overdose will greatly increase your chances of survival, as doctors can perform life-saving remedies such as pumping your stomach or administering activated charcoal to keep the drugs in the stomach as opposed to seeping into your bloodstream. While there are some procedures that medical professionals can do to treat overdose, more work needs to be done post-overdose to help you gain sobriety and avoid this in the future.

Why Should I Seek Help after an Overdose?

The following list outlines many of the reasons to seek treatment after an overdose:

  • It can save your life. Battling a drug or alcohol addiction is not a fight you can win without help. By seeking treatment, you can connect with professionals who will help you fight your addiction and save your life.
  • Improved mental health. The main proponents of drug or alcohol addiction are usually fueled by personal issues that affect your mental state and wellbeing. These issues could include problems from childhood, loss of a loved one, a traumatic event, divorce and other devastating issues. Getting treatment will provide the stepping-stones to move on from these issues.
  • Build relationships. If you go to treatment, you will learn how to rebuild relationships that may have been damaged during your use and/or overdose. You will also learn to surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you to remain sober.
  • Find outlets. You can examine what triggers you to use drugs, why they trigger you and what you can do to prevent them in the future. Finding the appropriate outlets for stress relief will encourage your sobriety.
  • Protect your finances. Drug and alcohol use can drain your finances quickly and thoroughly. Your main focus has been on acquiring drugs or alcohol by any means necessary as opposed to being responsible with your money. Going broke over addiction can lead to legal problems, the inability to support yourself and the potential to commit crimes for money or essential needs like food.
  • Helping your family and friends. There is nobody else who has seen you at the depths of your addiction like your family and friends. The stress your addiction probably placed on your loved ones may be unbearable, as they care for you and want you to succeed. Seeking treatment is the best way to give them the piece of mind that you will get your life back on track.

Nobody can force you to seek treatment whether you have overdosed or not. Others may encourage treatment if you survive an overdose as they may think you have hit rock bottom. Deciding to accept treatment must come from your own willingness to acquire sobriety and beat your disease. Treatment rarely works if the patient is doing it for other people, but if you go to rehab for you, the chances of success are incredible.

Help Dealing with Overdose and Addiction

Do not wait one more second to get the help you need. Please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now so we can help you deal with a devastating overdose. Overdosing is very scary and can kill you. Let us help you today.