How Can I Tell If I’m Addicted?

How Can I Tell If I’m Addicted?

One of the most troubling and problematic aspects of addiction is the way it prevents a person from recognizing that he or she has become addicted. Most addicts are the last to realize that they have a problem. Friends, family members and co-workers often see the signs long before the addict can. If you are concerned about your drug or alcohol use ask yourself the following questions to see if you may be in need of professional help.

Have You Decided To Quit But Failed?

Have you ever made a decision that you were done getting drunk or high, only to change your mind later? Have you committed to a friend or loved one to stop drinking, but have done it anyway? An inability to stop using drugs or alcohol is a sign of dependence.

Have You Lost Interest In People, Hobbies or Passions?

Addicts tend to exchange once important activities and relationships for drugs or alcohol. You may find that you’re not as close to old friends or family members who don’t use drugs. You may skip working out, playing a favorite sport, or engaging in a creative project, in order to be more available to your abusive friends. Consider how you spend your time now and compare that to how you spent your time months or years ago. Don’t pay too much attention to your own words or even thoughts. Look at your actions.

Do You Become Defensive Or Irritated When People Question You?

Many addicts become defensive or angry when a concerned friend or family member asks them about their substance use. If you feel yourself losing your temper or raising your voice please call our toll-free helpline right away. Defensiveness and blame shifting is one of the telltale signs of addiction.

Are You Continuing to Abuse Substances Despite Mounting Negative Consequences?

Are the negative consequences mounting and yet you continue to drink or to get high? Addicts will continue to abuse substances even as the addiction costs them in the following ways:

  • Relationships are wounded
  • Jobs are complicated or lost
  • Legal problems arise
  • Financial problems arise
  • Physical health deteriorates

Have You Ever Been Dishonest With Anyone About Your Substance Use?

Dishonesty about drug or alcohol use is one of the surest signs of addiction.

  • Have you ever lied to a doctor or pharmacist in order to get drugs?
  • Have you hidden alcohol use?
  • Have you denied using drugs or alcohol dishonestly?
  • Have you blamed your substance abuse on someone else?
  • Have you broken any laws related to possession or use of a substance?

If you have done any of these things you may have a problem. You may justify your dishonesty, but that is just one more sign of addiction.

24-Hour Addiction Recognition Helpline

If your answer was “yes” to any of these questions you might have a problem. We are here to help. Call our toll-free helpline any time, 24-hours a day, for immediate, confidential, free advice. We can even connect you with the most effective recovery programs in the world. If you are concerned about addiction, we’re here for you. The call is free and confidential and there are no strings attached. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Call now.