How Do I Find a Nine-to-Five Job After Rehab?

How Do I Find a Nine-to-Five Job After Rehab?

Chances are if you’re here, reading this article, you or someone you love already understands the challenges of reacquainting yourself with life after rehab. From repairing relationships with family members, staying away from old hangouts and finding new hobbies to keep you busy, or finding a low-stress job, getting back into the swing of things after rehab isn’t easy, no matter how empowered and prepared you feel when leaving rehab. While in rehab, there is a staff of recovery professionals who are guiding you through your journey to recovery, but once you leave, your life and recovery are in your hands.

Finding a job can be one of the most frustrating tasks after rehab for a few reasons. First, finding a “good” job is tough for anyone these days. Most people are doing whatever they can to land a job, instead of having the opportunity to be selective. For addicts in recovery, however, being selective is not just desirable, it is necessary. While in rehab, addicts learn that they need to create lifestyle changes that will support their recovery and healthy living. Most everyone has to work, and a poor work environment or unfavorable job, can have a significant impact on one’s recovery success or failure. The reason finding a nine-to-five, or eight-to-four, job is important is because it provides a stable, organized, schedule for the individual. These hours help individuals maintain normal sleep schedules, provide free time when other family and friends are off, and can simply help addicts develop a solid lifestyle routine.

Finding the Right Job After Addiction Rehabilitation

Finding the “right” job after rehab, may mean different things than it did beforehand. Higher pay may not be the best thing for you and your family if it comes with more stress, responsibility, long demanding hours and more. More money also creates opportunity to pursue addictive substances or behaviors. Taking a lower paying job or even a job not in your field may be worth it, if you can enjoy what you’re doing. People spend so much time at their jobs that it is a complete shame to be doing something that doesn’t bring true fulfillment or isn’t meaningful.

As far as finding a job with an addictive past, individuals have the opportunity to disclose this information or not. If the information is required, honesty is always best. Any criminal charges and DUI’s should be reported if required. Otherwise the issue does not have to come up. Individuals can have a fresh start after rehab as long as they didn’t let their addiction cost them past jobs. That’s why it is so important to get rehab help early on. If stopped early enough, addiction does not have destroy an individual’s future employment.

Need Help Adjusting to Life in Recovery after Rehabilitation?

If you or a loved one has recently gotten out of rehab, and are struggling with the transition from treatment life to life in recovery, do not fear; you are not swimming without a lifejacket. Recovery professionals understand that rehab is not an instant “cure” to addiction and that maintaining recovery after treatment can be just as tough as getting clean in the first place. If you need help adjusting to life in recovery after rehab, from getting a job to reconciling relationships at home, you have recovery resources available to you that can help you through these challenging and frustrating times. To speak with a recovery professional about helpful resources during recovery, please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline. Our recovery professionals can assist you with your questions and concerns, provide you with information and connect you to the people and places that can help you make the transition from rehab to recovery.