How Self-Awareness Aids Recovery

How Self-Awareness Aids Recovery

An addict might be aware of his patterns of use, such as using at a certain time, yet may not be sure why. Treatment can help an addict become self-aware and understand the reasons behind his behavior. For those already self-aware, treatment can help expose the core of their addiction and possibly reveal specific behaviors that jeopardize their sobriety.

How Does Self-Awareness Aid Recovery?

Being self-aware can have a tremendous effect on the recovery process for any individual. Included in the following are some key factors self-aware people consider:

  • Strengths/weaknesses
  • Motivation
  • Specific goals

When an individual is self-aware he understands his individual strengths and weaknesses. This self-understanding, knowing when he is at his strongest and weakest, is crucial for recovering addicts. When experiencing a weak moment, an addict should avoid any form of temptation to prevent relapse. Knowing one’s weaknesses can also help counselors guide treatment goals in a different direction. Also a significant part of being self-aware is understanding what motivates one to remain on course and complete treatment. This motivation can come from children, the desire to prove others wrong or just wanting better health. When motivated, addicts are better able to set specific goals for themselves and work towards those goals.

Can I Become Self-Aware in Recovery?

With self-awareness being a key factor in overcoming addiction, addicts should consider the following questions:

  • How do your thoughts and actions impact how you feel?
  • How do your emotions, unconsciously, drive your behaviors?
  • How do hidden core beliefs affect your happiness?

While in treatment, addicts are given difficult tasks to complete, which can help uncover the sometimes hidden reasons behind their addiction. These tasks not only help the addict become self-aware but it helps break down many of the walls addicts had in place. Even if an addict may think he is self-aware, there might be areas of his life that he is not aware of that influence many of his choices; treatment can help expose them.

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