How to Get Motivated for Change During Rehab

How to Get Motivated for Change During Rehab

Getting motivated to address addiction takes more than waiting for the desire to show up. Motivation is a fleeting feeling that is difficult to maintain when the going gets tough, but you do not have to depend on it alone to succeed in rehab. Set reachable goals, understand addiction and apply the necessary steps to become clean and sober, and motivation may creep into your life unexpectedly.

Motivation and Rehab

By reading this, you’ve taken the first step and reached out for help. You may be just starting rehab, or you may see the light at the end of the tunnel, but, wherever you are on your recovery journey, motivation can help you avoid relapse. Unfortunately, motivation alone is not enough to keep you clean, because it can ebb and flow with emotions and other inner struggles. In response, tap into other sources of inspiration to maintain the desire to keep moving forward. The following factors can keep you motivated during recovery:

  • Intelligence—Your intelligence about what is good and bad for you can bolster your motivation to stay clean. Even though you may not feel energetic or enthusiastic about treatment, the knowledge you have about your situation can help you make the next right choice.
  • Common sense—Common sense is another natural motivator, even though it may have taken a beating during your addiction. In spite of drug abuse, you can make one right choice at a time, which can empower your motivation to stay clean.
  • Self love—During rehab, your therapist or counselor will discuss ways to love yourself, which can increase your motivation to stay drug free
  • Love for others—You may have forgotten how much you love your family during the dark days of addiction, but rediscovering that love can powerfully motivate you toward drug-free living
  • New dreams and goals—Learning to dream again and to set goals for yourself can encourage your journey to long-term sobriety

With help, you can avoid drug abuse for the long haul.

Keys to Staying Motivated During Addiction Recovery

Staying motivated during and after rehab is a struggle for most people. Motivation can rise and fall with each craving, but making the right choice becomes easier with time. Getting into an ongoing support group after rehab is one of the best ways to stay motivated, because these groups provide accountability, friendship and social interaction with people who have walked the same road you are walking. Your rehab facility or therapist will help you find the right support for your particular situation.

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