If I Overdose on Alcohol, Will Taking an Upper Help?

One of the home remedies for alcohol overdose is taking a stimulant or upper drug to snap the body out of the depressive overdosed state. But, this is unsafe. By understanding a little bit more about what happens during an alcohol overdose, and how ineffective the majority of alcohol overdose home remedies are, you will be in a much better position to potentially save the life of someone you love.

Recognizing Alcohol Overdose Symptoms

Alcohol poisoning symptoms can vary greatly between individuals, but many of them include the following:

  • Alcohol is a system depressant slows the entire respiratory system and even the natural gag reflex; this could quickly lead to a person choking when he vomits
  • Throwing up is a natural part of an alcohol overdose as it purges the toxins and irritants of alcohol
  • Confusion and disorientation are two of the first symptoms of alcohol poisoning
  • Passing out is another of the signs of an overdose
  • Slow and irregular breathing; with fewer than eight breaths in a minute, and several seconds delay between each breath
  • Pale or blue-tinged skin

The treatment for alcohol overdose should be handled by medical professionals who will not just recognize the overdose for what it is but who will also be able to provide the appropriate medical treatment in the event that the situation turns life-threatening.

Home Remedies to Avoid with Alcohol Poisoning

It seems that everyone has their own version of what cures a headache, a hangover, and even an alcohol overdose. Some of these home remedies to avoid include the following:

  • Drinking coffee, energy drinks, or taking uppers DO NOT counteract the depressive functions of the alcohol: this could even lead to choking
  • Sleeping it off DOES NOT help alcohol poisoning: the alcohol already in the individual’s body circulates through the bloodstream and even increases the effects of the alcohol
  • You may think a cold shower will wake the person up, but this could lead to hypothermia and even shock, not to mention the risks of accidental drowning
  • Eating bread or pasta does not absorb alcohol: this falsehood can also fall under the category of potential choking risk-factor

If you suspect that someone you love or care about has overdosed on alcohol, it is important that you are acutely aware that she may be in a life-threatening situation unless you get her immediate medical attention. Calling for emergency services, versus trying any home remedies, is the best course of action.

Alcoholism Help

All too many with a drinking problem find themselves overdosing on alcohol, getting medical treatment, and repeating the cycle a few weeks or even days later. Getting quality alcoholism help should be your next step in order to prevent another overdose. An alcohol rehab program can be just the thing to turn their lives around.

Calls are to our 24 hour helpline are toll free and handled by our compassionate counselors. They can answer any questions you may have about quality treatment for alcohol overdose situations. We are here to help; call us, today.