Is Alcohol Affecting My Daily Life?

It is easy to overlook many of the negative effects alcohol has in our lives. People tend to focus on the major consequences from heavy or binge drinking, like vehicle accidents, DUI’s, liver disease, or cancer. If these issues have not been a problem for a drinker, he may mistakenly think he is not subjecting himself to the negative affect alcohol can have on daily life.

While the dangers of excessive drinking are catastrophic; casual, occasional, or social drinking can be just as destructive to an individual’s daily life.

Daily Consequences of Social or Casual Drinking

The consequences alcohol has on our daily lives can apply to our health, relationships, finances, careers, livelihood, wellbeing and more. The most commonly seen side effects of casual or social drinking on our daily lives include the following:

  • Poor physical health. No matter how you break it down, alcohol will affect your physical health. Even its occasional use can cause a variety of problems. Weight gain, cancer, fatigue, organ damage, malnutrition, skin damage, tooth decay, and lack of personal hygiene are all common issues that arise from drinking alcohol.
  • Poor psychological health. Alcohol can change the chemistry of the brain and result in depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, psychosis and much, much more.
  • Lacking healthy coping mechanisms. Individuals often drink alcohol to cope with stress, fatigue, a bad day at work, a break up, and so on. Using alcohol to relax or cope with minor life issues may seem helpful at the time, but can cause major problems in the long run. As individuals grow to rely on alcohol, they lose the ability to cope with issues on their own. For example, using alcohol to fall asleep at night can strip the body’s ability to fall asleep naturally and lead to alcohol dependence.
  • Relationship troubles. Even in small amounts alcohol changes how one thinks, feels, and behaves, while also lessening one’s inhibitions. Individuals can say hurtful things and make regrettable decisions that will hurt their loved ones deeply. Friends, family, coworkers, and peers may begin to lose faith in an individual’s character and capabilities after witnessing the effects of their drinking. Children may become disappointed, angry, or even fearful of their parent’s drinking, or they may be more likely to drink excessively themselves.
  • Poor performance. Drinking takes away an individual’s time from doing beneficial life activities. One’s performance is compromised due to the effects of alcohol and he loses precious time and opportunity for accomplishing goals at work, school, home, or in daily life.
  • Financial loss. Alcohol and activities done with drinking are costly. Money equals opportunity and spending money on highly-priced alcohol and other associated fees can tear away amazing life opportunities for you and your loved one.

Need Help with Alcohol Abuse?

The longer you let your alcohol abuse control your life, the more damage you allow you and your loved ones to face. If you are ready to get help for an alcohol abuse problem, we can help. Our trained addiction counselors are ready to speak with you 24 hours a day. Counselors can provide you with all the information you will ever need to know about alcohol abuse treatment and recovery. Whether you need questions answered or help finding a suitable treatment program, we can help. To speak with a counselor you can call our toll-free helpline now. We can help you end your battle with alcohol abuse; all you have to do is ask.