Learning to Accept Trauma

Learning to Accept Trauma

A traumatic event can arouse powerful and disturbing feelings in an individual, which can make him feel a sense of hopelessness, anger and confusion.  For some, this trauma has disrupted their lives to the point that they search for a coping mechanism in drugs or alcohol.  With proper treatment for both the trauma and addiction, such individuals are able to take back control of their lives.

The Importance of Accepting a Past Traumatic Event

Acceptance can be difficult to achieve, especially when discussing the acceptance of a traumatic event.  However, included in the following are some examples of why it is important for one to slowly come to terms and accept a past traumatic event:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Quality of life

A traumatic event can drastically change an individual’s health, both physically and mentally.  This change can worsen pre-existing medical conditions while also creating new ailments.  By accepting or coming to terms with a traumatic event, recovering victims are able to slowly re-gain control of their lives and begin to properly take care of themselves.  Traumatic events can even test relationships we have with each other.  Depending on the event, the trauma victim may become fearful of being close to another or even live in constant fear that something bad may happen to someone he loves.  Because of this, relationships are often strained and in need of repair.  Everyone is entitled to their feelings and no time frame is given to overcome traumatic events.  However, constantly re-living this event greatly affects quality of life and by seeking treatment patients can learn that they don’t have to forget about the event in order to move forward from it.

How Can Acceptance Help One in His Recovery from Addiction?

Acceptance is important for anyone whom has experienced a traumatic event.  Included in the following are some examples of how acceptance can help one improve his recovery from addiction:

  • Uncovers reasons behind drug use/abuse
  • Healing process
  • Move on

Understanding the reasons behinds one’s drug use and abuse can help the addict come to terms with these issues and move past them, successfully.  By coming to terms or accepting that a tragic event had occurred, the healing process can start.  The healing process is vital for recovery along with the individual’s health, both mentally and physically.  This process can help teach those in recovery how to effectively communicate with others and overcome any fears and worries that this event could re-occur.  Once the healing process has occurred the individual will slowly be able to move past this event and focus on more memories, which bring them joy.

Drug Addiction Treatment

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