Leaving Rehab against Professional Advice

If you are an adult in rehab of your own free will, meaning that you are not in rehab under a court order, then you are free to leave if you wish. Just as no one could force you to enter rehab in the first place, no one can now force you to stay. However by leaving rehab before your therapist thinks you are ready you will seriously endanger your recovery. You will deny yourself the advantages of professional treatment. You will sacrifice the hard work you have already done, and you will pass on receiving continued support for long-term maintenance of recovery.

Reasons to Leave Addiction Rehabilitation Programs

The may be many reasons that a patient may be tempted to leave rehab before his or her treatment is complete. These excuses may include the following:

  • Rehab is an unfamiliar environment
  • The process of detoxification can be unpleasant
  • The patient may find that living without drugs is harder than expected
  • Continued withdrawal symptoms can make it difficult to adjust to the new situation and settle in comfortably
  • The patient may not like the doctors, counselors, staff or fellow patients
  • The patient may not like the food or accommodations
  • The patient may simply want to get high

The preceding reasons or any other conceivable excuses or reasons for leaving rehab pale in significance when compared to the reasons to stay. These reasons include the following:

  • Continued addiction will continue to cause problems in your life
  • Continued addiction may cost you everything you hold dear
  • Continued addiction causes serious health problems and can end in death
  • Leaving rehab prematurely will sacrifice all the work you have done to get this far
  • Staying in rehab will greatly increase the chances that you can overcome your addiction
  • Recovery from addiction will spare you further loss of health, money, time, career, family relationships and all the important things that are sacrificed to addiction
  • Recovery from addiction can open up whole new realms of possibility for your life and may lead to opportunities you haven’t even imagined
  • Recovery from addiction can save your life
  • Staying in rehab will demonstrate to yourself, your friends and family and the world that you are committed to overcoming your addiction

Considering leaving Rehab Early?

If you are considering leaving rehab early or are worried about committing to a full-length rehab program, consider the reasons why you want to end your drug use. There are reasons you want to get clean, and these reasons are worth the effort of fully participating in an addiction recovery program. If you leave rehab before your treatment is complete, you will relapse and will find yourself in exactly the same position as you were before, and there will be no choice but to return to rehab. Get it right the first time to avoid unnecessary pain, suffering and heartache. If you need support to stay in rehab or to begin a recovery program, call our 24 hour toll-free helpline.