Migraine Pain and Drug Overdose

Migraine pain can be debilitating. Many people who suffer from migraines will do or take anything to stop their pain. Because many prescription painkillers are ineffective against migraine pain, overdose is rather common. But, with help you can avoid overdose and relieve your symptoms.

Prescription Painkillers and Migraine Pain

There are several prescription painkillers designed to help migraine pain. Sold under a variety of brand names, these drugs often include a combination of an opiate along and acetaminophen. While these medications help some patients, the relief they offer may come at a high price.

Opiates carry a significant risk for addiction. The body develops a tolerance very quickly, which means that patients will get used to a drug and the effects will weaken over time. Oxycodone and other narcotics replace natural pain-managing chemicals in the brain. In time the patient becomes dependent on the drug to function normally. The drug’s ability to manage the migraine also fades, leaving the patient with a terrible need for the drug along with a return of migraine symptoms. If patients take larger quantities of drugs to intensify its effects, or if they take it more frequently than prescribed, they greatly increase the likelihood of addiction and overdose.

Preventing Drug Overdose due to Migraines

Migraine patients can take any of the following actions to reduce their chances of becoming addicted to opiates:

  • Share their medical history with a doctor
  • Share their history of substance abuse or addiction with a doctor
  • Find a migraine specialist who uses non-chemical treatments
  • Follow dosing instructions precisely of any prescribed medications
  • Call a doctor immediately when cravings for the drug begin

Do not be ashamed for seeking help for opiate dependency. This particular kind of addiction happens to mothers, grandmothers, ministers, health care professionals and law enforcement officers. The psychological aspect of opiate addiction often prevents addicts from admitting their problem. Being honest about your addiction is crucial to treat the problem.

Help for Migraines

If you are wrestling with migraine pain and are concerned about prescription painkiller addiction, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline now. Our phone counselors can answer your questions and connect you with the best migraine treatment available. Migraines devastate people and cause such pain to lead people to desperation. The call is free and confidential, so you have nothing to lose by seeking help.