Nonfatal Drug Overdose

Nonfatal Drug Overdose

An overdose is something that we all fear when we learn that a member of our family has a drug or alcohol abuse problem. A nonfatal drug overdose may be a wakeup call that brings attention to the severity of your or a loved one’s problems. A drug overdose is scary, overwhelming and confusing, but it can be the first step to a life of recovery.

Understanding Drug Overdose

There is often more to addiction and overdose than your loved one simply taking too many pills or drinking too much. An overdose may not have been your loved one’s first time using drugs or abusing alcohol. Even if you had not yet seen signs of an addiction, it doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist. Addicts are experts at hiding their addiction from those around them.

This overdose emergency is not likely to be the last drug overdose that you must deal with if you do not get your loved one or yourself rehab help. As addictions progress, addicts must increase the amount and frequency that they drink or use a drug. This increase leads to overdose, as the body cannot keep up with the increased amounts of toxins being fed into it.

Some overdoses are intentional. Your loved one may have overdosed as a means of getting attention for the issues they are struggling with. Your loved one may have been feeling truly hopeless and may have used a drug overdose as a part of a suicide attempt.

Getting Help after an Overdose

An overdose emergency needs to be treated with a life or death sense of urgency. Call our toll-free addiction helpline to speak confidentially with one of our compassionate counselors. Allow us to guide you to getting your loved one a better frame of mind and physical health. We are here 24 hours a day to help in any way we can.