Overcoming Embarrassment about an Overdose

Overcoming Embarrassment about an Overdose

The psychological aspects of addiction can prevent a person from seeking help even when it is most needed. Addiction corrupts the functioning of the brain, and the influence of drugs can be more powerful than rational thought. Instead of seeing an overdose as a warning sign of the progression of this life-threatening disease, the addicted mind may use feelings of shame to avoid getting help.

Psychological Addiction and Overdose

Drug and alcohol addiction involves physical and psychological elements. Recovery from the physical aspect of addiction can be uncomfortable, but it usually runs its course in a matter of days. The psychological aspects of the disease can take months, years or even a lifetime to conquer. The first step is for addicts to realize the following important facts:

  • They are addicted to a substance
  • They are not strong enough to stay clean on their own
  • They need help
  • Addiction is a disease and nothing of which to be ashamed
  • Recovery is possible, and full mental and physical healing can happen

It would seem that an overdose would force these realizations on a person, but addiction is strong and a life-threatening situation may not be enough to convince and individual that he or she needs help.

Getting Help for Addiction

Comprehensive and holistic rehabilitation brings deep mental, physical and emotional healing by reprogramming the brain to its pre-addiction functioning. This is accomplished through a carefully designed rehab program that pulls together the most effective therapeutic techniques for each unique situation. The programs with the strongest success records use combinations of the following therapies:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling sessions
  • Education
  • Preparation for life after rehab
  • Introduction to healthful life habits and coping skills

Overdose and Addiction Help Is Available

If you have overdosed, are worried about overdosing or are watching a loved one struggle with addiction, we can help. If you are feeling shame or embarrassment about your situation, we are here for you. All calls and phone services are free and confidential, and our specially trained counselors are ready to connect you with the best recovery resources for your specific needs. Life is too short and too precious to risk on the destructive and hollow thrills of substance abuse.