Reasons for High Rural Drug Use Rates

Reasons for High Rural Drug Use Rates

Drug use occurs in every area of the country, and rural areas are no different. Those who live in rural areas are not traditionally thought to have issues with substance abuse. While many people associate addiction and drug abuse with urban or inner city communities, drug abuse is on the rise in rural areas as well, for a variety of reasons.

Causes for Drug Use in Rural Areas

While drug abuse rates might be higher in more populated areas, there are still thousands of people who die each year in rural areas from their addiction problems. While drug abuse occurs in every type of environment in the country the main drivers behind use can vary. Some of the main reasons why drug use is so high in rural areas can include:

  • Boredom – While many people enjoy living a rural lifestyle, there are others who are living in this type of environment that do not enjoy it. This can include kids, teenagers and adults who do not have the means to leave the area. One of the main reasons why some people do not enjoy rural areas is that there is little to no social activity or hustle and bustle that one could find in a bigger city. When people feel bored with life they may turn to drugs to help either drown out their dissatisfaction with the social scene and/or attempt to make their lives more interesting.
  • Fewer treatment options – In a more populated area, there are bound to be more opportunities to receive treatment. However, there are fewer resources available in rural areas, as rehab facilities are located in more populated areas. Drug addicted individuals may feel like they can’t get the help they need, and so continue using.
  • Lack of education – Since rural areas have fewer resources and smaller populations, it can be harder to get good information about the dangers of drug addiction. There are less drug awareness programs in these areas, as well as an overall lack of education. Not having the proper education regarding drug abuse can cause a person to experiment without knowing the potential side effects, and can result in him or her becoming addicted.

Being bored, not having enough treatment centers available and not getting enough education on drug abuse, all contribute to the high rates of drug abuse in rural areas.

Getting Treatment for Drug Addiction

Even though you might live in a rural area, there is always a way to get help for your drug abuse problem. By searching the web, calling hotlines and asking your doctor for referrals, you can begin making the changes you need in order to achieve your sobriety, regardless of where you live.

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