Surviving an Intentional Overdose: What’s Next?

A drug or alcohol overdose can be devastating. When the truth emerges that the overdose was in fact a suicide attempt, the levels of stress and emotions involved can rise dramatically and can further complicate the situation. A person trying to cope with the after effects of their intentional overdose may find the response overwhelming.

How You Can Help a Loved One after an Overdose

As a close friend or family member of someone who has attempted a drug overdose, you may be filled with a range of complex emotions that you simply do not know how to process. The following is advice for managing the effects of an intentional overdose without making the situation worse:

  • Be sure to treat every overdose emergency as an emergency situation that needs to be handled carefully. Once the physical risk has been minimized, the process of treating the emotional and mental issues can begin.
  • Don’t react in anger, outrage or a manner that could negatively influence the way your loved one is currently feeling.
  • Understand that your loved one is going to be angry, depressed and embarrassed. A large amount of shame can arise when your loved one realizes that everyone around him or her is now aware of depression or an addiction issue.
  • Be calm, rational, understanding and patient, and quickly seek out rehab help after suicide attempts. Your actions and reactions can mean the difference between life and death.

The most important thing you can do is to make sure that your friend or family member is completely safe physically. By ensuring physical safety and keeping your loved one from doing further harm you will be in a much better position to get them to rehab after an overdose attempt.

Drug and Alcohol Overdose Treatment

Helping a family member after overdose attempts is stressful. It is important that you get your family member help after suicide attempts. If you do not move swiftly when helping a family member, there is a high risk of a repeated attempt. A suicide attempt should never be taken lightly. Rehab programs will work swiftly to address all issues that have led your family member towards a suicide attempt. While some may think that depression is the only factor involved in a suicide attempt, there may be multiple issues involved. Compassionate and understanding counselors will help to determine the underlying concerns and draw up an individualized treatment plan that will work for your loved one.

Get Support after an Intentional Overdose

Call our toll-free helpline and talk with us about an overdose emergency and the overdose treatment plan that could work for you or your family member. Calls are completely confidential, phone services are free and our counselors can put your mind at ease. You and your family can overcome an intentional overdose, and we can help. Please call today.