The Connection between Holiday Shopping and Drug Abuse

The Connection between Holiday Shopping and Drug Abuse

The holiday season often creates an enormous amount of stress. People typically have many friends and family to buy gifts for, and they must make the rounds of numerous holiday parties with relatives. The pace can be exhausting, especially if you have children to take with you everywhere you go. Of particular concern is the financial stress from buying large numbers of gifts. Regardless of your religious affiliation, the holiday season has become commercialized, and it seems that the point of Christmas is to boost the economy through buying consumer products. The problem is that this can foster drug cravings both for sober people and recovering addicts. Get help today staying clean during this stressful time.

Financial Burdens during the Holidays

Christmas time often financially burdens parents, because children have been conditioned to expect gifts. They see a tremendous amount of advertising on television and know that Santa Claus brings toys to good girls and boys. In short, children expect to open presents under a tree on Christmas morning, parents know this and they don’t want to disappoint their children. Parents don’t want their kids to be the only ones without nice gifts, to feel neglected or to hear other children talk about all the nice things they got. This may compel people to seek drugs to mitigate stress, but this only compounds stress as funds are diverted away from children and toward drugs.

Christmas during Hard Times

Even in good financial circumstances, buying many gifts can financially strain a family so much that the tension becomes unbearable. However, this country is in the midst of a long-lasting recession, which means that many people struggle to make ends meet even without the extra expense of buying presents. Therefore, when Christmas comes and people lack of money for presents or a lavish feast, they can become extremely discouraged. People may feel that they are failing as parents and as providers.

The stress from this financial burden can cause many people to seek escape in drugs or alcohol. Recovering addicts in particular are at increased risk of relapse due to holiday stress: even people who have been sober a long time may feel enough pressure to recall the elation of drug abuse with longing. They may think about how nice it would be to escape from the pressure just once, but this can quickly lead to a relapse that will require professional help.

Addiction Recovery during the Holidays

If you are a recovering addict who feels the financial strain of the holidays, seek support before you threaten your recovery. We can put you in touch with recovery support, so please call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now.