The Line between Drug Tolerance and Overdose

One of the most important things to understand about an addiction is that it is progressive. This means that the addiction and the addictive behaviors will keep getting worse, and the addict will require increasing amounts of their drug of choice to maintain their high and stave off the side effects of the addiction. As this tolerance grows so does the risk for an accidental overdose.

Understanding Increased Drug Tolerance

Addiction involves an increased tolerance for the drugs or alcohol that is rapidly taking over the life of the addict. The following cycle of addiction explains how and why tolerance increases:

  • One of the first stages of addiction involves an increasing tolerance for the substance being abused. It is marked by an increase in the amount needed to sustain the high or other pleasurable effects of the drugs or alcohol.
  • As the addiction progresses so does the need to increase the amount of drugs or alcohol to offset the ill-effects of drug use.
  • Once the addict starts craving the drugs and cannot function without them, he or she may misjudge the amount that they take, leading to an accidental overdose.

Breaking the cycle of addiction involves spending time in an addiction recovery program that will help you to learn how to quit drugs and break addictive cycles.

How Addiction Rehabilitation Helps End Tolerance and Prevent Overdose

Receiving professional rehab help will interrupt addictive cycles and help you to learn the life skills that are needed to rebuild healthy and productive relationships. Professional help begins with drug detox services that will help you through the challenging detox process. If you have gone through an accidental drug overdose, you will undergo medical treatment to ensure your health is not at risk. There is a fine line between increasing drug tolerance and an accidental drug overdose. If you have been able to avoid a life and health threatening drug overdose, you should consider yourself fortunate and take the steps needed to receive professional rehab help.

Call for Quality Drug Rehabilitation Help

Get professional help and break the cycle of addiction. Your family, your friends, your future and your life depend on your receiving the best quality rehab treatment. Call our toll-free helpline to discuss your addiction and concerns about drug overdose with one of our compassionate counselors. We are here to provide you with high quality professional drug addiction help, and our counselors can also provide you with the answers to questions you may have about drug tolerance and accidental drug overdose.