What Causes Eating Disorders and Drug Abuse?

What Causes Eating Disorders and Drug Abuse?

Eating disorders are some of the most common and dangerous mental health conditions in the world, and while mostly women struggle with them, men are also at risk for developing them. Along with an eating disorder comes a number of psychological and physical issues; for example, people are likely to suffer from depression and/or anxiety that is directly related to their appearance. These issues are common with eating disorders, as people may get worked up about not being thin enough, and it is just as easy to get depressed when an approved body image seems unattainable. It is also common for individuals with eating disorders to become malnourished and vitamin deficient, which makes their everyday health become problematic. Another common issue that stems from an eating disorder is drug abuse.

Drug abuse and eating disorders have gone hand-in-hand for decades. The most common reason why people with eating disorders abuse drugs is because they hope it will help them achieve their desired weight. Very rarely do individuals with eating disorders abuse drugs other than stimulants, primarily because these drugs suppress appetite. Using drugs to reduce hunger is a dangerous practice not only because both issues produce serious effects on their own, but also because, when combined, these issues can cause much worse symptoms.

While most cases of eating disorders and drug abuse stem from attempting to achieve a desired body image, many people with eating disorders abuse drugs for more psychological reasons. As mentioned before, eating disorders can lead to or exacerbate underlying psychological disorders, such as anxiety or depression. Instead of utilizing a stronger coping mechanism, individuals frequently abuse drugs to drown out the many effects of the disorder(s) with which they struggle.

Both causes of drug abuse are serious (to get a better looking body and to suppress painful symptoms of an eating disorder), and it is important to understand that severe side effects can ensue, especially when both issues co-occur. The best and most effective way to treat these conditions at the same time is to receive Dual Diagnosis treatment. In this type of care, people receive help not only for their eating disorders, but also for their drug abuse problems. Addressing both issues simultaneously has proven incredibly effective in the treatment of these issues.

Help Treating Drug Abuse and Eating Disorders

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