What is Robotripping and Why Is It Dangerous?

What is Robotripping and Why Is It Dangerous?

While common in teenagers and young adults, Robotripping is a form of over-the-counter substance abuse that is becomingly increasingly popular in people of all ages. It is the slang word for recreational abuse of popular cough medicines, such as Nyquil and Robitussin. Dextromethorphan, the main ingredient in these cough syrups, can produce numerous effects, including hallucinations, increased euphoria and delusions when taken in excess. Combined with a certain percentage of alcohol, dextromethorphan can produce serious and sometimes even fatal side effects in people who use these over-the-counter drugs. People can become addicted to this drug, and the withdrawal symptoms of it are debilitating, so seek professional help to quit abusing it.

Dangers of Robotripping

Using cough suppressants to cure a cold is perfectly safe, but abusing them can cause great physical and psychological damage. Robotripping can include any of the following dangers:

  • Organ damage – Since products such as Nyquil and Robitussin contain alcohol and acetaminophen, people who abuse these medications are likely to damage their vital organs like their liver and kidneys. This habit can even lead to liver disease, cirrhosis of the liver, kidney failure and more problems.
  • Cardiovascular complications – When used in abundance, dextromethorphan can damage the cardiovascular system, increase blood pressure, change heart rhythms and cause dizziness and seizures. These changes can lead to premature heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, injuries from passing out and much more.
  • Addiction development – While many users might think they cannot get addicted to a cough medication, they can. Robotripping is highly addictive, so both the body and mind will crave the substance. Therefore, many people who robotrip will develop a chemical dependency to all cough suppressants.

Robotripping can cause serious organ damage, cardiovascular complications and possibly lead to addiction. Each of these issues can cause further health complications, so seek help to recover.

Preventing Robotripping and Cough Syrup Abuse

As people have abused cough syrup, it is now illegal to purchase products such as Nyquil or Robitussin under the age of 18. Despite this new law, people still abuse these drugs. The best ways to prevent this drug abuse includes educating both friends and families on the dangers of these medications, as well as keeping dextromethorphan products out of reach of children and teens. By limiting access to these medications and providing the proper education, people across the country can prevent Robotripping in themselves and their loved ones.

Help Stopping Dextromethorphan Abuse

We understand how hard it can be to end an addiction to dextromethorphan, so call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline right now to get connected to professional help. Do not waste one more day on addiction; call us now for instant support.