When Should I Look for a Sober Living Home?

When Should I Look for a Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes are a beneficial medium between inpatient treatment centers and life at home. Addicts in recovery are often more likely to revert back to drug and alcohol use if they return home immediately after leaving a treatment center. Many addicts are not prepared to deal with the pressures of their old life. Going back to the same neighborhood where they know how to find drugs and being around the same friends and acquaintances who they use to do drugs with can lead to relapse. An unrestricted environment can simply leave too much room for old patterns of abuse to remerge. Looking for and deciding on a sober-living home before leaving an inpatient treatment center can be beneficial to avoiding the negative pressures of returning to an unrestricted environment at home. Sober living homes can offer numerous benefits to recovery, including the following:

  • Less supervision and restrictions than treatment centers, but more support and healthy programs than living at home
  • A healthy community that can provide beneficial social interactions and the building of a support network
  • Attention to specific addictions
  • Help with searching for employment, creating resumes, and setting up interviews
  • Aid in looking for a new home to transition into after sober living with feedback from residents on what to be cautious of in certain communities
  • Help in rebuilding past broken relationships due to the addiction and building an outside support network that can be beneficial upon leaving the sober living home

Support from a sober living home during the early stages of recovery can lead to a lower chance of drug relapse, arrest, and homelessness. Not all sober living homes will be beneficial to recovering addicts seeking change. Some sober living homes have low quality structures and have essentially become a homeless shelter of sorts. There are many things to look out for when seeking a quality sober living home that will be conducive to drug and alcohol addiction recovery, including the following:

  • Proper structure with a clear set of enforced rules
  • Zero tolerance policies for certain infractions, such as drug possession or use
  • Support services for employment and housing searches
  • Enforcement of patients paying fair share of bills in order to prepare them for future independence
  • Drug screening to ensure that patients are remaining drug free

Choosing a sober living home that fits individual needs and provides proper structure and sharing of responsibilities is essential to effectively preparing an addict for independent life in recovery.

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