Why Are Some Drugs Illegal?

Why Are Some Drugs Illegal?

The United States regulates the use, distribution, and production of many brands of drugs. These laws make some drugs legal, and some illegal. The government also regulates the use of legal drugs, making abuse or black-market sale of them illegal, even though they are legal in other forms. Laws such as these are in place to protect people and keep them as safe as possible.

Prohibition of Drugs

According to the Drug Policy Alliance, many of the drugs that are considered illegal now were originally prohibited for religious reasons. The belief systems that many countries were founded on controlled drug policy for many years. Currently in the US, scientists and the United States Surgeon General regulate drugs based on health reasons.

Legal Drugs

In actuality, many of the drugs and substances regulated in the United States are legal. Substances such as alcohol and pain medications are highly addictive, but still legal for sale and consumption. Alcohol, according to USA Today, accounts for billions of dollars in annual sales in the US. The sale and use of alcohol is regulated, but the substance is technically legal.

Medications are regulated by doctors and many health agencies. Doctors prescribe medications on an as-needed basis, but laws come into play when these drugs are sold off the market to people who do not have a prescription. They are still “legal” drugs, but are being sold illegally.

Illegal Drugs

There are, however, several drugs that are illegal in all aspects. Dangerous drugs such psychoactive drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana are only a few. Even though marijuana is considered completely illegal, it actually is not. It is available for medicinal purposes, just like many pain medications. It is simply illegal for unregulated public consumption.

Cocaine and other dangerous substances like it are illegal because of the extremely hazardous effect that they have on those that take them. They cause health problems, mental problems, and social problems. Governments regulate these drugs in the hopes of protecting people from their effects.

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