Why You Should Seek Rehab for Prescription Drug Abuse

You may be debating rehab for prescription drug abuse for yourself or someone you love. It is a very stressful decision to make, and you want to weigh your options carefully. You may be apprehensive about the idea of rehab, or you might have many questions.

Prescription Drug Abuse Is Deadly

It’s easy to assume that prescription drugs are safe because they come from a doctor at some point. This could not be further from the truth. One 2008 study found that there was a 3,196 percent increase between 1983 and 2004 in deaths caused by users combining prescription drugs with other drugs or alcohol.*

Even if you do not combine prescription drugs with other substances, there are a number of problems that prescription drug abuse can cause:

  • Reactions and overdoses can happen suddenly, without warning, and even if the person has used the drug before.
  • Prescription drug abuse is illegal and can cause you to lose your job and your freedom.
  • Long-term prescription drug abuse can cause personality changes or brain damage
  • Prescription drug abuse can cause serious effects such as kidney failure, liver disease, heart failure, stroke, heart attack, internal bleeding, seizures and more. These effects even happen to young, otherwise healthy people.

What Rehabilitation for Prescription Drug Abuse Can Offer

Rehab can offer you some important stepping stones to wellness. You might be surprised to see how modern, licensed, reputable rehab programs can make a difference. Some ways rehab can change your life for the better include the following options:

  • Detox. Reputable treatment will include a medically-supervised detox. Imagine detoxing safely with a comfortable, hotel-style room. In some treatment centers you are allowed to detox in comfort, participate in activities if you wish, and partake of freshly prepared meals.
  • Support. A quality rehab will provide you with a treatment team to fit your needs. A therapist, a psychiatrist, and a life coach/case worker will help cheer on your success and help you delve deep into the root causes of addiction in order to help bring healing.
  • Family care. Quality rehab will also offer family support for you and your loved ones. No matter how large or small your family may be, chances are that prescription drug abuse has taken its toll. Help your family to grow closer and heal old wounds with family counseling.
  • Ongoing care. Before you begin rehab care, ask about ongoing care. Extras such as a free alumni helpline, alumni groups, support groups, outpatient care, referrals and more should help you adjust to a life free from addiction.

Help Finding Rehabilitation for Prescription Drug Abuse

If you are ready to plan for a better life, we can help. We offer a 24 hour, toll-free helpline with access to our trained and experienced counselors to help. When you call our number, you will speak with a live person who will take the time to learn more about you and your situation. We can also provide information on the following options:

  • Interventions
  • Family counseling and family education
  • Insurance coverage for rehab
  • Alcohol counseling
  • Detox services

Learn more about finding a brighter future. Call us today.