Will Friends and Family Find out If I Get Emergency Medical Help for an Overdose?

A drug or alcohol overdose is a serious, life-threatening matter. A person may cross the lines from a buzz, high or trip into the dangerous and potentially fatal realm of an overdose. Overdose situations are particularly dangerous when an individual is alone during the overdose and when emergency medical help is not found.

Why Would Someone Want to Keep an Overdose Secret?

Overdosing on drugs or alcohol is not something that a person is proud of. It usually indicates that the individual has a substance abuse problem, and people are often hesitant or unwilling to get medical help when their friends and family are not aware of their drug or alcohol use. Teens and young adults may fear repercussions from parents, while adults may fear judgment from friends and peers. However when a person is overdosing on drugs or alcohol, immediate medical attention must be found. An overdose can be fatal or can lead to permanent physical or psychological damage. Loved ones finding out about an overdose is far less devastating than finding out a family member or friend is dead.

When Should I Seek Medical Help for a Drug Overdose?

While some individuals may survive an overdose with few lasting effects, everyone should seek emergency overdose help. Everyone’s body responds to an overdose differently and may respond differently each time. If the following overdose symptoms occur, contact emergency professionals:

  • Inability to stay awake, passing out, loss of consciousness
  • Seizures, shaking
  • Stopped breathing, slowed breathing
  • Chest pain
  • Throwing up
  • Cold skin
  • Blue skin or nails

Why Is Addiction Treatment Necessary after an Overdose Situation?

While a person may want to keep their overdose situation hidden from friends and family, an addiction or drug abuse problem cannot remain hidden forever. When a person has reached the point in their drug or alcohol use that he or she is facing life-threatening situations such as an overdose, it is time to seek help. Friends and family can offer guidance, encouragement and support. The situation will only progress unless addiction is acknowledged and treatment help is found. Caring friends and family will see to it that their loved one finds the help they need to prevent another life-threatening situation.

Find Quality Treatment Help to Prevent Overdose Situations

If you or a loved one has fallen into dangerous situations due to drug or alcohol use, the time to get help is now. Please call our toll-free helpline, and talk with a rehab counselor who can help you find the recovery solutions you need. Our helpline is operated 24 hours a day and is designed to provide you with all the information you need on recovery services and treatment. Get help before it is too late. Call us today.